You’ve reached The Travel Byte. It’s a pretty self-explanatory blog name, I’d say. I write about travelling on the internet (so unique!).

Photo of Michelle, the blogger behind The Travel Byte

About Me

Michelle, the girl behind the blog is a 25 year old doctor from Perth, Western Australia. I have no formal qualifications related to travel, or any real desire to make travel a full-time gig. Although I admire people who are able to do so, I don’t have any aspirations to become a digital nomad. But, like every smashed avo lovin’, head in the sky millenial, I love to travel. It’ll definitely be a long-term habit of mine. I’ll be the 80 year old granny, knocking back Panadol and wearing my blood clot preventing stockings on the plane. Although I’m not a full-time traveller, I am sure to make the best use of my 4 weeks of annual leave (and other bits of time off thrown in) – just like I suspect many of you visiting this page want to do

About The Travel Byte

I created a travel blog because I’ve been spending too much time on Netflix and really need to find new hobbies. Er, wait. Actually, with the limited holiday time I have each year, I dedicate a lot of time in researching my trips. ‘What’s the best way to get from the airport to the hotel?’ ‘What’s the best data SIM card for this country?’ I’m a Virgo at heart and by birth, so I carefully research each place and document everything I know (which surprisingly, amounts to quite a lot!) on an Excel spreadsheet. If I ever apply for an office job, proficiency in Microsoft Excel would be on my resume. So instead of keeping all of this to myself and the handful of friends who ask me questions when they’re off on similar trips, I (metaphysically) birthed The Travel Byte!

The Travel Byte will have tips, advice, guides and recommendations for those on a small to medium sized budget. I probably won’t be making a Youtube video about how to live on $1 a day any time soon but likewise, I also don’t regularly (what am I kidding, I mean ever) stay at The Ritz.